about a week

I have done so much since I wrote last. Actually, I haven't done that much but enough. This past weekend Meghan and Heather got to move into their apartment, which is quite nice. On Sunday, we went to Ikea to get some furnishings and wall/floor coverings. By Sunday afternoon, we had moved everything out of Heather's place in residence and cleaned it up. Her international student roommates had moved out without cleaning anything.

I got a job at the University doing parking related things. So far it is a good job. I have to get some new shoes, runners or cross-trainers, because my feet are starting to hurt after working. My current shoes are kind of cheap and they haven't lasted as long as I had hoped they would. Wait... what is the difference between runners and cross-trainers? I know they have a different section for each at the shoe stores.

Tomorrow and Friday, I will be working at Mount Royal. I'm not sure how fun that will be considering that classes start tomorrow. I'm sure the bookstore will be glad to have me for the two days.

My room has once again be reorganised. I have a new shelf from Ikea that has my printer on it and will soon have my TV on top of it, and I put my red table back into my room beside my computer desk so that I had space to work on, or that other people can work on when they are over. The room is also nice and clean, I swept it yesterday and since I was moving lots of things was able to clean under where they had been.

I have 6 books in my reading pile and I just started the Rebel Sell today. So far, I am enjoying it. Well actually I have like 12 books in my reading pile but half of them are texts and those will be an ongoing thing for the semester.

That's all for now. I really do hope that more people start updating their blogs now that the academic year is starting.

Song: Lo Boob Oscillator - Stereolab
Book: The Rebel Sell