paper and working

I think my paper is coming together. I only have 5 pages of 12-15, but I have not yet inserted any graphics and I have a couple so far and will have more. I also have only started to talk about the future alternative, so I am confident that I will be able to finish this paper by the Wednesday deadline.

This was my last weekend of working so much. I only have to work Saturday of next weekend, which will be great because I will have Friday night and all day Sunday to be free and hang out and such. Though it will probably be wise to create and practice my oral presentation of this paper, which is to be presented either Monday (19th) or Wednesday (21st). However, after that is done then my COMS 363 class is done and I no longer have to worry about assignments until the fall semester starts. Well there are work assignments, but those are work and don't seem as time consuming or hard.

Next Saturday is Campus Fair. You should all come out and see what goes on at the university. I know you all know but it could be fun to see what other people do, or how special you are now that you are alumni (I understand you alumni get a free breakfast).

Anyway, that is all for now. Except that I can't wait to watch some more World Cup.

Song: Mocoto Beat - Trio Mocoto
Book: A pile of research ones, but soon I get to pleasure read again.