Slow blog days

So it seems that I haven't really been writing much. I suppose it is mostly because I don't have much to talk about. I haven't been doing all that much. Though, when I think about it it seems like lots of stuff.

My airport passenger modeling is coming along nicely. I am having a bit of trouble making it simple for the end-user, since I already understand what everything does. So, I am sort of slogging through that. I'm hoping that it will be done in the next day or two. Then I can move on to the next step, in the week and a bit that I have left in this research award. Of course, if I'm not done I will probably just keep working on the thing until I am because why leave a project almost done just because you didn't finish it in the arbitrary time limit.

The other day, I found out that there was a different prof teaching ENCI 413 this year. I don't know if this is a good thing or not. I liked the prof who was originally teaching it. She was the one who made me aware of the NSERC award that has filled my summer. I haven't really heard anything (good or bad) about the new prof, but I'm sure people in my class have some source of negative comment. That just seems to be the way.

Today, somebody asked me if they could use a photo for some article they were working on. So I said that it would be fine. What else... Oh this afternoon I went to the airport for the third time in 3 weeks. It was to pick up my cousin who is visiting for the week. I plan to continue this airport going trend, as I am going to Toronto on the 26th and returning on the 2nd. So that will be 5 weeks in a row that I will have been at the Calgary Airport. I don't know why this is really of note. I like the smell of the airport because it seems new and old at the same time.

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Book: In Praise of Slow - Carl Honore (that last 'e' should have an accent on it but it won't take my character for no reason)
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