Weekly roundup November 23-29


Venice Boulevard Through the Lens of the Coast Realty Archive The Center for Land Use Interpretations

Dupont Street was once the backbone — and graveyard — of industrial Toronto. Now it’s a hostile highway in need of a serious safety fix Toronto Star

Our Long-Running Love Affair with Pigeons JSTOR Daily


Weekly roundup November 16-22


Without More Enforcement, Tax Evasion Will Spread Like a Virus The New York Times

Think public toilets are icky? They’re actually an effective tool to fight viral infections — and Toronto needs more of them Toronto Star

The future is virtual? Nope. Maclean’s


Weekly roundup November 9-15


How to Transform Childcare in Latin America Americas Quarterly

There’s No Such Thing as Ethical Grocery Shopping The New Republic

U of C students want to convert old cars into electrics without breaking the bank CBC


^ How to spice up your boxy building.

Weekly roundup November 2-8


This church’s All Saints’ Day rituals are even more meaningful this year Broadview

How a Space Age public toilet went from architectural gem to sad derelict — and back again Toronto Star

Gestion De La Covid-19 | L’exception Estrienne. La Presse


Weekly roundup October 26 - November 1


What Bats Can Teach Humans About Coronavirus Immunity JSTOR Daily

Universal Basic Income? How about a universal basic credit card TVO

The Dubious Art of the Dad Joke JSTOR Daily


Weekly roundup October 19-25


At the end of a long and lucky road in baseball, a deep well of gratitude The Athletic

^ John Lott’s writing got me to read more about baseball. It drew you in and got you to appreciate the people who were part of the game out front and behind the scenes. Happy retirement to John and hopefully one of his many students gets the opportunity to adapt a similar style to draw more people into reading about baseball.

Come On, Guys: It’s Time Men Got More Involved at Home Americas Quarterly

Climate migration isn’t a thing – but maybe we should make it one The Globe and Mail


2020 Bike Ride 31

Another “one more nice day” for a bike ride. Took it easy today and rode along the aquaduct canal and through St Henri.

Total trip distance: 10.74 km

Moving time: 0h 39m

2020 Ride 31

Zoomed in image with a new path link under the 15.

2020 Ride 31 - Zoomed In