2020 Bike Ride 7

Quick little ride to my old apartment and then a jaunt through Pointe-Saint-Charles.

Total trip distance: 6.66 km

Moving time: 0h 27m

2020 Ride 7

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68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice

^ Quite fond of the third piece of advice on the list, but it is all great.


2020 Bike Ride 6

Just a quick ride around the neighbourhood on the way to sell a chair.

Total trip distance: 5.27 km

Moving time: 0h 19m

2020 Ride 6

2020 Bike Ride 5

I took the day off for a break and to enjoy the nice weather outside (though really I was supposed to be flying to Halifax for my sister’s wedding, since postponed). My bike ride took me up to Marché Jean-Talon to get some provisions. It was my first time up there since the end of January and thankfully my regular vendors were all still there.

The ride was good and even the uphills weren’t too bad on my legs. I covered some more roads to fill in my map of Montreal, which one day I hope to be a large proportion of my regular neighbourhoods.

Total trip distance: 20.73 km

Moving time: 1h 21m

2020 Ride 5

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