Weekly roundup August 5-11


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2019 Bike Ride 9

I was up early again today, for no reason, so I jumped out of bed and went riding. First around Nun’s Island where I sat at the southern point of the island. Then across the ice control structure for the Champlain Bridge and along the strip of land between the Saint Lawrence River and the Seaway, and quickly through Parc Jean-Drapeau before heading home.

Total trip distance: 30.23 km

Moving time: 1h 33m

2019 Ride 9

2019 Bike Ride 8

It was another free Bixi Sunday so I met up with someone and we biked along the Lachine Canal then down to Parc Angrignon. We walked through the park in a sun downpour that was quite refreshing in the hot afternoon. Next, we rode along the Lachine Aquaduct and down to Verdun for lunch before heading back toward home.

Total trip distance: 20.67 km

2019 Ride 8

Weekly roundup July 22-28


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2019 Bike Ride 7

Headed out east to see the paths around the Olympic park and then back through the Plateau to get croissants at my favourite place (Au Kouing-Amann), but they are on vacation for another couple weeks. Today’s ride took me through a bunch of areas that I have not even walked yet, but I will definitely get back over there to explore.

Total trip distance: 29.33 km

2019 Ride 7

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