Weekly roundup April 24-30


Rural Americans are importing tiny Japanese pickup trucks The Economist

Le bruit du REM dérange dans Griffintown 24 heures

^ the noise is noticeable, but at the distance I am it will blur into the background once the trains run more frequently.

Weekly roundup April 10-23


America Doesn’t Know Tofu Asterisk Magazine

Knowing Everyone’s Salaries Can Light a Fire Under Workers The Wall Street Journal

Weekly roundup April 3-9


There’s a new form of keyless car theft that works in under 2 minutes ars technica

Immigration bureaucrats rushed to reassign files stuck with idle officer DM10032, emails show CBC

Weekly roundup March 27 - April 2


Why aren’t Toronto’s major streets major streets? Spacing

The Story of Multicultural Canada, Told in Humble Strip Mall Eateries New York Times

RCMP’s failings in Nova Scotia inexplicable, unforgivable and probably unsalvageable National Post

Excited to try this out this year on my bike adventures.

2023 Bike Ride 01

First ride of the season so why not do the Berri hill and get donuts.

Total trip distance: 13.93 km

Moving time: 0h 58m

Today’s ride:

2023 Ride 01 - Zoomed In

Today’s ride in the context of all my Montreal rides:

2023 Ride 01

Weekly roundup March 20-26


Libraries aren’t what they used to be IT World Canada

Meet Kiri, the tiny Japanese fire truck bringing joy to San Francisco San Francisco Chronicle

You Are Not a Parrot New York Magazine

Weekly roundup March 13 - 19


Peering Into The Invisible Present Long Now

Rio de Janeiro’s Picturesque Bay Is a Toxic Ship Graveyard Bloomberg

Fast and Pluribus: Impacts of a Globalizing McDonald’s JSTOR Daily