Weekly roundup October 7﹣20


Toronto is a growing city. Making cycling safer can help us all get around Toronto Star

Human Infrastructure, Sex and Cycling ruk.ca

Why WeWork’s problems have London landlords fretting The Guardian

How Latin America Can Punish Corruption Without Killing Companies Americas Quarterly


Weekly roundup September 30–October 6


Pop-up Trombone

Toronto city hall still throwing up roadblocks to road safety CBC

How Could Travel Giant Thomas Cook Fail? The New York Times


2019 Bike Ride 12

A free Bixi Sunday. Ride took us over to Parc Maisonneuve and back toward Marché Jean-Talon. A pit stop for gnocchi and Kem CoBa. Solid free biking day.

Total trip distance: 21.26 km

Moving time: 1h 49m

2019 Ride 12

Weekly roundup September 23﹣29


Did the city move the goalposts for accepting LRT? * CBC*

How Costco gained a cult following — by breaking every rule of retail The Hustle

5 myths about pedestrian collisions that could be making it harder to end road deaths Toronto Star


Weekly roundup September 16﹣22


Long View: The 16th-Century Trade Route That Brought China to Mexico Americas Quarterly

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Is Here to Save America The New Yorker

Google added a big blue “Order Online” button to many of its restaurant listings. Restaurant owners wish it would go away. The New Food Economy


Weekly roundup September 9﹣15


Cover story: The curious case of a shared database newsroom

At Toronto’s Lunchroom, co-working turns to community The Globe and Mail

The high cost of Canada’s ‘free’ roads The Globe and Mail


2019 Bike Ride 11

A ride to the market and Aubut, then through St Henri and back.

Total trip distance: 8.65 km

Moving time: 0h 36m

2019 Ride 11