Weekly roundup December 3-9


Andrew Scheer steers hard to right on UN migrants pact National Post

Bubble Tea, Dollar Stores, and Dialysis? The Local

We’re Finally Learning the Lesson of Y2K — and It’s Too Late

Making Slides


Weekly roundup November 26 - December 2


Is It Finally Getting Easier to Do Business in Brazil? Americas Quarterly

Eating Dinner With Canada’s Migrant Workers The Walrus

Privacy and mathwashing

Why Do We and Why Should We Study Languages


Weekly roundup November 19-25

No roundup this week. I’m on vacation, but this will probably lead to more links next week.

Weekly roundup November 12-18


The community of The Tables kottke.org

^ Interesting video worth watching

In praise of loud women – the joy and power of being noisy and female The Guardian

Citius, altius, spare us — Calgary wakes from Olympic fever National Post

Furthest Water USGS OWI


Weekly roundup November 5-11


Go Ahead, Skip that Networking Event Harvard Business Review

After the Airport, Can AMLO Recover Markets’ Trust? Americas Quarterly

Can the Liberals avoid a partisan trap on StatCan and the banks? National Post

Los Angeles vs. legal weed Curbed


Weekly roundup October 29 - November 4


Beyond the grey: could Toronto be more colourful? Toronto Star

AMLO’s Rough Start Slate

10 WTF (in a good way) things about Calgary’s new library! Mike’s Bloggity


2018 Bike Ride 14

I feel like I am probably running out of warm enough biking days this year and I have not been out in almost a month and a half. Today’s ride took me to Bellwoods Brewery to pick up the just released Sour Cherry Jelly King and then along the waterfront.

Total trip distance: 18.5 km

2018 Ride 13