Weekly roundup July 15-21


The Radical Egalitarian Politics Of Weird Al’s “UHF” Current Affairs

I’m an Engineer, and I’m Not Buying Into ‘Smart’ Cities The New York Times

Where does the Sidewalk End? In Etobicoke, of course Toronto Star


2019 Bike Ride 6

I went to visit my friend out in Lachine tonight and we rode around town. It was a nice ride with the slightly cooler temperature. I even had to put a sweater on for the trip home.

Total trip distance: 34.25 km

2019 Ride 6

Weekly roundup July 8-14


The rise of the “ghost kitchen” could change the restaurant delivery game The New Food Economy

Why all these ‘national strategies’ in our supposed federation? National Post

A New Plan for Keeping NASA’s Oldest Explorers Going Jet Propulsion Laboratory


2019 Bike Ride 5

I got up at a reasonable hour this morning and headed out to see what happened if I crossed to the south shore. First, a bit of exploration of Parc Jean-Drapeau and then had to wait for a couple ships to pass under a lift bridge. By the time the bridge was lowered there were ~20 cyclists on my side waiting to cross and 60+ on the other side. A very popular activity for the beautiful day.

My ride continued out to Longueuil and then back across Pont Jacques-Cartier before ducking down to the Old Port on my way home.

Total trip distance: 29.92 km

2019 Ride 5

Weekly roundup July 1-7


How a Journalist Helped Spark an Anti-Corruption Wave in Panama Americas Quarterly

Harbourfront summer camp turns downtown Toronto into a portal to the great Canadian outdoors Toronto Star

How To F#€k Up An Airport Radio Spaetkauf <– This is a 4 part podcast and is quite interesting.


Weekly roundup June 24-30


How Latin America Can Use its Natural Resource Wealth Responsibly Americas Quarterly

Mes parents se sont fait dire de «retourner dans leur pays», ils sont indépendantistes Huffington Post

30-plus years of HyperCard, the missing link to the Web ars technica


Long weekend so double tweets.

2019 Bike Ride 4

Today, I took the opportunity to use free Bixi Sunday. I went up to the Plateau and enjoyed the fast ride downhill to get home.

Total trip distance: 7.37 km

2019 Ride 4