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Transit Use 2019

Tracking all the times I used transit continued in 2019 even as I moved to Montreal where the transit card makes it harder than in Toronto. A tradition since 2014 continues. For STM rides I counted “unofficial” transfers as two rides. I took 194 rides in 2019. My rides were paid for using: Presto (115) and OPUS (79).

Agency Fare Media Total Rides Total Cost ($)
OC Transpo Presto 1 3.55
STM OPUS 79 222.00
TTC Presto 112 297.00
UPX Presto 2 18.50

Rides by Day of Week

I made good use of the STM on weekends with weekend passes with my highest riding on Fridays and Saturdays. On the TTC it was mostly on weekends as well since I was in Toronto for the first months of the year. I continue to walk to/from work every day when I’m at my regular office so do not use transit most weekdays. Total rides each month show when I moved to Montreal and started walking everywhere to explore the city. December jumps up because I went to Toronto for several days and took advantage of transit.

Rides by Month

Year over year

Weekday riding is generally low, except for 2017 when I was seconded to the airport for the summer, but in January and February 2019, I was using transit quite a bit during the week to visit friends. I stopped going to axe throwing league on Sundays from September 2018 so no longer have higher riding on that day.

Year-over-year Rides by Day of Week and Month

Agency Year Cost ($) Rides Cost_Per_Ride Work_Rides
GO 2018 20.60 2 10.30 0
MiWay 2018 15.00 5 3.00 5
OC Transpo 2019 3.55 1 3.55 0
STM 2019 222.00 79 2.81 10
TTC 2014 380.00 206 1.84 3
TTC 2015 369.00 175 2.11 3
TTC 2016 350.00 161 2.17 2
TTC 2017 696.00 261 2.67 100
TTC 2018 628.00 234 2.69 31
TTC 2019 297.00 112 2.65 5
UPX 2018 56.30 7 8.04 7
UPX 2019 18.50 2 9.25 1

Moving to Montreal meant that my few work rides became more expensive because the minimum fare to the airport is a day pass at $10 (vs. a regular fare at $3.10 on the TTC). I kept the data from other transit agencies this year, and added to previous years where I had the data from my Presto downloads.

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