Weekly roundup July 5-11


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Weekly roundup June 28 - July 4


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2021 Bike Ride 04

Overcast day and only up to 20 degrees. Quite windy too! A nice ride covering the bike path through LaSalle at the south short of the island out to Lachine and then back along the Lachine Canal.

Total trip distance: 31.64 km

Moving time: 1h 40m

2021 Ride 04

Zoomed in image of the ride.

2021 Ride 04 - Zoomed In

Weekly roundup June 21-27


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2021 Bike Ride 03

Overcast day, but still 28 degrees. Ride over the St Lawrence to the south shore to see a new path or two. Figured out that it is 10 km from my place to the opposite side of the Champlain Bridge going the shortest route on Île des soeurs.

Total trip distance: 34.66 km

Moving time: 1h 58m

2021 Ride 03

Zoomed in image of the ride.

2021 Ride 03 - Zoomed In

Weekly roundup June 14-20


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2021 Bike Ride 02

Beautiful day to take a ride along the canal and then popping up to Sherbrooke.

Total trip distance: 20.00 km

Moving time: 1h 14m

2021 Ride 02

Zoomed in image of the ride.

2021 Ride 02 - Zoomed In