2020 Bike Ride 19

A longer ride on my new tires. Smooth ride around a loop with road, bike path and a couple bridges. Very nice day for a ride and not too busy on the paths. There were some police on the ice control bridge treating a rider who appeared to have crashed and had a pretty large road rash on one leg. Thankfully it did not look broken, they mostly needed the leg to be cleaned up and some time to recover from the fall.

Total trip distance: 18.49 km

Moving time: 0h 54m

2020 Ride 19

2020 Bike Ride 18

Barely a bike ride. I replaced my 10 year old tires, which I noticed last time had many cracks in the rubber including along the centre of the tread. The new tires are excellent in the short ride and I look forward to much longer ones.

Total trip distance: 1.0 km

Moving time: 0h 05m

2020 Ride 18

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2020 Bike Ride 17

Tuesday afternoon into the wind.

Total trip distance: 11.43 km

Moving time: 0h 37m

2020 Ride 17

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