Weekly roundup September 14-20


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2020 Bike Ride 29

I got fed up with my chain jumping off as I rode so I dropped into the bike shop at Saint Columba House. The helpful man there checked my chain and replaced a worn bolt. He declared that while the chain was old, it still had life in it so he improved the tension and sent me on my way. It worked out well on this test ride and the chain didn’t jump off any of the rough road spots where it had been the last few rides.

It was a chilly day, but I took a couple new streets and the ride was good.

Total trip distance: 7.66 km

Moving time: 0h 30m

2020 Ride 29

Zoomed in image with a couple new streets which were filled with auto shops up near the aquaduct and water treatment plant.

2020 Ride 29 - Zoomed In

2020 Bike Ride 28

Biking seems like the ideal way to go meet up for beers with a former colleague. Also it is ten minutes faster to bike than it is to take the metro. I only had to fix my chain twice on the way home, so I really should get my rear tire sorted.

Total trip distance: 11.22 km

Moving time: 0h 43m

2020 Ride 28

Zoomed in image with new connections along Maisonneuve and St-Urbain.

2020 Ride 28 - Zoomed In

Weekly roundup September 7-13


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2020 Bike Ride 27

A beautiful Friday afternoon to finish work a bit early and try out a new route. I tried out the new multi-use path on the Champlain Bridge and came back by taking a trip around the Formula 1 track. The bridge path is very nice with wide lanes and a great view down the St Lawrence. I took a lap around the F1 track because it was relatively not busy compared to most times I’ve been past. A great way to unwind after a busy couple weeks and I have discovered a bunch of potential paths on the south shore.

Total trip distance: 26.22 km

Moving time: 1h 18m

2020 Ride 27

Zoomed in image. I covered new bits for the segment from Ile-des-soeurs to the Saint-Lambert Lock and the bit around the F1 track.

2020 Ride 27 - Zoomed In

Weekly roundup August 24-30


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