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Transit Use 2020

Tracking all the times I used transit continued in 2020 but was significantly curtailed because of Covid-19. The tradition since 2014 continues. For STM rides I counted “unofficial” transfers as two rides. I took 12 rides in 2020. My rides were paid for using: Cash (2), Presto (2) and OPUS (8).

Agency Fare Media Total Rides Total Cost ($)
MBTA Cash 2 3.20
STM OPUS 8 21.60
TTC Presto 2 3.10

The Monday trips were on a long weekend trip to Boston in the before times to ride the subway to Cambridge and hope on the Green Line. Thursdays were the day I had on-site workshops which is where all the STM rides on that day come from. Thursday also happens to be a day I was in Toronto and hopped on the streetcar to enjoy a dinner at Wvrst. My Saturday rides were probably all trips to or from Jean-Talon Market.

Rides by Day of Week

After my trip to Toronto at the start of March, I hardly went anywhere else that I couldn’t walk to. I was even walking to Costco nearby.

Rides by Month

Year over year

Weekday riding is generally low, except for 2017 when I was seconded to the airport for the summer, but in January and February 2019, I was using transit quite a bit during the week to visit friends. I stopped going to axe throwing league on Sundays from September 2018 so no longer have higher riding on that day.

Year-over-year Rides by Day of Week and Month

The pandemic meant that I used about 10% of the transit in Montreal last year compared to the year before. I did manage to collect one new transit agency last year.

Agency Year Cost Rides Work Rides
GO 2018 20.62 2 0
MBTA 2020 3.20 2 0
MiWay 2018 15.00 5 5
OC Transpo 2019 3.55 1 0
STM 2019 221.60 79 10
STM 2020 21.60 8 5
TTC 2014 379.70 206 3
TTC 2015 369.30 175 3
TTC 2016 349.68 161 2
TTC 2017 695.92 261 100
TTC 2018 628.50 234 31
TTC 2019 297.20 112 5
TTC 2020 3.10 2 0
UPX 2018 56.29 7 7
UPX 2019 18.50 2 1

Weekly roundup January 18-24


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